The days ahead

Yes, the 7 days ahead are 7 of the days that I least look forward to in every calendar year.  The days leading up to the birthdate of my first born, a date that we are no longer able to celebrate with him. Even though history has told us that it's best to isolate during these days, this year we have taken a different approach. I have isolated from the things that don't matter by removing much of my social media this month but I am continuing to try and be that bright spot in the day everywhere I go. I had a particularly rough night of sleep last night so i got in a bit late today and before the day has even started I've been presented with opportunities to be the light that Hudson was.  Had a friend reach out this AM with newfound challenges with anxiety, a chance for me to share some of what I've  learned through this journey, an opportunity to help someone navigate a mental health challenge that is new to them.  These are the little ways that I cope, helping others. As I walked into the building As usual I ran into the gentlement that does cleaning of our bathrooms during the business day. Many just walk by but I make a special effort to say good morning and talk with him about his weekend or day every time that I see him. At nearly the end of every conversation comes the reward I didn't ask for "thanks for listening man, I needed to vent"   Its these little things that have a big impact, much bigger than we could ever realize to those that have no other avenue of release or conversation. Hundreds of people walk by him every day but few acknowledge him. You too can be the light that Hudson was and I've always strived to be.  Yes my life experiences are much more challening then most but I've found a way to make the best of them. I have felt the pain, I have seen the darkest days and I do understand how hard life can be but I will still find the strength to give my love to this world. 

For the next 7 days, for us and most importantly for Hudson, do the little things. Say hi to someone you wouldn't normally speak to, ask a stranger how their day is. Believe it or not, it could save someone's life just knowing that someone cares.  


We are incredibly excited for Adventure Camp this weekend, an opportunity to share Hudson's story and our experiences with our future leaders.  It won't be easy but I know Hudson will give us the energy we need to push through and help others understand how to navigate this crazy world. This generation gives me hope and is an inspiration to what can be accomplished with a voice!


If you are feeling hopeless or need someone to talk to, please text home to 741-741 to reach the crisis text line.  


Happy Birthday week, Hudson!