We need more Love and Respect!

I'm currently spending some time in The Phillipines on business and just wanted to share some quick thoughts. The time so far away from home in a completely foreign land has given me some time to deeply reflect. What I've witnessed is a culture full of loving and positive people doing whatever it takes to survive. People that are not provided nearly the opportunities that we are as Americans. As an example, some on our teams travel each way on various modes of non-cooled and open air public transportation in sweltering heat sometimes 3 hours each way to do their daily work, yet they are still radiating with love and respect for every single person that they interact with. They very much respect and appreciate any opportunity that has been provided to them.

It has made me quite frustrated with who we have become as Americans so I just wanted to remind us all that we need more love and positivity in our lives.  We must shift what we are becoming and Cont;nue to fight through our toughest days to lift each other up. While we may feel that getting through some of those days is unfathomable, the opportunities, luxuries and freedom that we share should remind us that all of our lives are worth living.

There are many in this world struggling to survive every day of their lives simply due to where on the map they landed. The sadness and struggle I can see in some of their eyes along with the poverty I have witnessed while here is a motivator for me to do my part to keep pushing us through.

By supporting each other, we can shift to what we want to be, not what our struggles can push us to become. Let's do our part to build that utopian world Hudson dreamed of.

Know that you are loved, we all have a purpose and we all must Cont;nue for the greater good of those and the world around us. I love you all!

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