When the cemetery is fun

Yep, that's another of the crazy things about this life, I enjoy going to the cemetery. I have the day off today and have spent much of the weekend in the house with the kiddos. On a normal weekend, I would have been in Minneapolis for my side job but that happens to be where I was on the morning of that final call so there I hope to never return. Anyway, my mother in law came down this afternoon to spend some time with the kids so I get the chance to step away for a bit. I called Jenna to ask her if there was anything that she needed me to do, she said no "go have some fun." And what do I do next, get in my car and drive to the cememtery, I suppose to be with the guy that used to bring me so much fun and who I devoted every spare moment to. All of my life I have been scared of cemeteries and now, well some days there is no place I'd rather be. But trust me, this isn't something you want, its a cold place with no sound of life today, only the echoes of my tears.