Never knowing whats real and whats just me looking for it, and do I tell?

So over the weekend Kellen and I came to see Hudson at the cemetery. This was unusual due to the fact that kellen usually hates the cemetery because its too real for him.  He has now decided that he fees closer to Hudson here and over the weekend left this single sour patch kid on our monument.  



He left it here for a very particular reason, to see if Hudson would become one of the animals nearby to eat it. I thought about it a bit on my way here today and realized the animals probably can't get to the top of the monument unless they are birds. I also don't think animals eat candy. But on my way here today I saw this little guy making a break for our corner right at the same time I was pulling in, how fitting. I should mention I hadn't seen him for months and I'm here quite often.  I think I'll move the sour patch kid to a lower spot and just maybe next time I'll be able to tell kellen that I think Hudsy got it. Its hard to tell him that it was still here yesterday so here's to hoping it's gone tomorrow!