Wesley Scott, President Bio

I am Hudson’s Dad.  I was born and raised in Lafayette, IN.  I grew up in a mixed-race home which wasn’t the most common in the 80s. It gave me such a diverse view of the world and has enabled me to approach life with an open mind on all fronts. It also gave me great visibility to the racism, hate and bigotry that runs rampant in our society.   I am themiddle son of 3 boys and we follow a pretty simple rule in our family, family first!  Nothing in this world is more important than our families and that is the way that I approached life after having my first son on July 30, 2001.  It was a very challenging time for me and in many ways the birth of Hudson changed, and maybe saved my life.  It gave me someone to live for, someone to give everything that I had been provided and even more, the same way that my parents approached life.  Give each generation more opportunity than you were given and I do feel that I gave Hudson my all.  After doing just that for 14.5 years, my opportunity to give anymore ended on January 26th, 2016 when Hudson ended his life.  Following our loss, we tried to turn our pain into hope for others.  We have done everything we can to try and help other families understand the challenges that teens face these days and the prevalence and risk within the hateful society that has been front and center in the modern popular culture.  This is a lifelong battle and one we can’t take on alone.  If we can save just one life, help just one family discover their child’s pain, or educate just one person that being different is ok, it makes all that we give, worth it!  We will cont;nue this fight for my 1st son, Hudson Wesley Scott.