We are parents, friends, siblings and professionals who have been touched by suicide and want to spread awareness.


Wesley Scott, President

I am Hudson’s Dad.  I was born and raised in Lafayette, IN.  I grew up in a mixed-race home which wasn’t the most common in the 80s. It gave me such a diverse view of the world and has enabled me to approach life with an open mind on all fronts. Read More


Jenna Scott, vice president

“The moment suicide impacts your life; your world will never be normal”. I grew up in Lafayette, IN where I met my husband Wes. Wes is a package deal- you not only get him you get an amazing son (Hudson) and an amazing family and support system.  Read More


Libby yeager, Board member

When Wes and Jenna reached out about the logo and web design for Project Hud;Son, I felt immediately connected to this cause and wanted to use my work as a means to give back and make a positive change in the world, in Hudson’s name. Read more


jeremy tritch, Board member

I remember the day that a mutual friend of the Scott's and myself called to tell me that Hudson had taken his own life. I remember the feeling of utter despair as I tried to process what it would feel like to lose a child at the age of 14, and to all things suicide. Read more


jason cooper, Board member

I’ve been good friends with Wes for a long time. So long in fact, that I’m pretty certain Hudson was the first baby I ever held. He was most definitely the first child that I really got to watch grow up. Read More


Jesse cooper, Board member

I was lucky enough to meet Hudson as a baby. My husband, Jason, had been good friends with Wes, Hudson’s dad, since high school. Read More