Letter to Hudson Summer 2018

Hudson, you should be here. You should be here watching your sister sing and dance to crazy songs. You should be here helping Kellen look for his missing frog aka “meatball”. You should be here helping Dad put together the gazebo. You should be here schooling me on music, fashion, and hair. You should be here. 

This Summer I stayed home. There were and are so many moments that I have thought that you should be here. You have missed so much. 

We often wonder what you would be like. 14 compared to 17 is a big difference. I often wonder if you would be happy. If you would be yourself. I wonder what you would sound like. Would you like any new foods. 

I know one things for sure, you’d still be the best big brother. I also know you would be so smitten with Nora. She cries exactly like you. She talks about you all the time. Kellen is starting to finally be more himself. He really struggles without you here. He loves fish and has a tank just like you did.

Your 17th Birthday is coming. We are dreading it. Each day a reminder that you aren’t here.

College brochures keep coming. I keep hiding them so Dad won’t get upset. Don’t worry if a Boulder University one comes I’ll save it. 

I miss you bud. We all miss you. Your little signs help, but nothing comes close to the real you. 

With all my love. Always and forever.