World Mental Health Day 2018

Today’s goal was to have a conversation about mental health.

I had a doctors appointment today. I haven’t seen this doctor since Nora was born.  Since before Hudson passed away.

So, when they were going through all of the updates and medications etc. they always ask how the kiddos are doing and they must’ve had it noted in the system that I had a stepson so she asked about Hudson.

I took this as an opportunity to talk about mental health versus to break down and cry. Throughout the appointment we talked a lot about suicide prevention and mental health but as she was leaving the room we were on the topic of vacations. I said hopefully not south because of the storm‘s and the conversation ended with her talking about how she would rather shoot herself in the head than go to Disney.

We literally had just talked about mental health. I had just told her what happened to my son but she didn’t think before she spoke.

With time I have learned that people don’t think before they speak especially when it comes to statements about mental health and suicide.

So, I talked about it. I can only hope that her heart dropped slightly just as mine did after the words left her mouth.