I want for nothing I need and on my worst days I will remember that.

My best nine- originally I thought no I am not going to do it then I thought at least look through your photos of the last year. I am glad I did. It reminded me that even though 2017 has been the hardest year of my 32 years of life there were still good moments.

I have a husband who loves me no matter what life puts us through. We push each other to be the best possible human. We parent together. We are each other’s #1. In 2018 we will be together for 11 years, which is an amazing thing for anyone to accomplish. I will focus on being there for him before he even knows he needs me. I will love stronger and harder. I will fight through my depression and anxiety and spend more time out versus date nights on the couch with take out. I will appreciate the nights he is home more. I will appreciate his travel schedule versus dreading it because it is the sacrifice he has to make to support us. I love you Wesley every day, even the extremely hard ones.

I have two amazing, strong and beautiful children. I will focus on them and be there for them. I will spend more individual time with each of them. I will be a better mom in 2018, they deserve that. I will create memories and traditions. I will also stop beating myself up when I have a bad mom day, instead I will accept it and navigate through it without disrupting their routine.

I have a family that will literally drop just about anything to be there at a moment’s notice. I have my Grandparents who will be 103 and 98. I remember when I graduated high school and thought how cool it is that they are alive to see this. I will make time for my family and specifically my grandparents. The last 24 months they have supported me and helped me through our darkest times. I would be lost without them. To the Pendleton’s and the Scott’s I know we don’t always show it or say it but truly thank you for everything you each have done.

I have friends that have stuck by my side through the worst times. They don’t bat an eye when I have to cancel plans or want to do nothing but talk about Hudson. A lot of people in my shoes have lost friends but my two best friends have stuck by my side with no questions asked. I will be better about being there for them instead of them always having to be here for me. We will continue our monthly girls nights as I always walk away from them appreciative of the break they provide.

I want for nothing I need and on my worst days I will remember that.

I hope that in 2018 we each learn to love better, to be kinder, to be happier and to be ourselves.

With my love,