Suicide and the Impact on Younger Siblings

A few years ago we took Kellen to a Purdue basketball game and it happened to be themed around Star Wars. He was wowed. Kellen has mentioned this particular game a few times each year wanting to know when it will happen again. When we learned they were doing it again we got tickets and Kellen was stoked!

Fast forward to the day of and light sabers were gathered, outfit was perfectly planned, and Kellen was in a great mood. Upon arrival all the characters were dressed up and taking pictures with the kids and adults. I assumed Kellen would want in on the action and we walked towards them. Kellen hesitated and said he just wanted to go to his seat. I assumed he was just overwhelmed because of all the people standing around or maybe he just wanted to get his light sabers out and put his coat down. Regardless, I didn’t think much of it and we walked towards our seats.

Once I really looked at Kellen I could tell something was very wrong. His face was pale and he just looked shocked. I asked him what was wrong and he explained that seeing the characters reminded him of Disney and Hudson.

It all made sense. When we went to Disney Kellen was 3 therefore Hudson walked with Kellen to all the character meet and greets being the amazing big brother that he was. It was truly an amazing vacation and memories were definitely made.

It rips me apart knowing that Kellen will always have triggers. It is not fair that he was looking forward to this event for years and within seconds it was ruined.

The pain that we endure every day as adults is one thing but we must not forget that Kellen is also up against this same pain.