Hudson Scott was a bright young man who was full of life. He never met a stranger. He always put others ahead of himself. He brightened every room he entered with his smile, compassion, and generous spirit. 

But despite Hudson’s positive outlook, he was bullied. Every day. Picked on for being a little different than everyone else. He was diagnosed with depression at an early age, which he was able to get help with through counseling and medication. And his parents and siblings loved him unconditionally. 

On January 26, 2016, at the age of 14, Hudson took his own life. 

Project Hudson is dedicated to bringing awareness, support and education for issues surrounding mental health, bullying, self-harm and suicide prevention. 

Our mission is to save lives, it is what keeps us going, it is what keeps us grounded and it is what helps us the most.
— Jenna Scott and Wesley Scott, Project Hud;Son Founders
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We established Project Hud;Son to celebrate the life of our son, Hudson Scott. Our organization is dedicated to bringing awareness to mental health, bullying, self-harm and suicide.

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We are an 501c3 organization dedicated to bringing awareness to mental illness, bullying, self-harm, and suicide, and how those things are interrelated.

We are parents, friends, siblings, educators who have been touched by suicide, and want to help prevent others from taking their own life.